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hello June!

welcome & cheers to you , June!

we’ll never learn our lessons, so you better give us some tough times to make us stronger and learn the lessons! (but, no too tough!, as we cannot always sit and say to ourselves that “Yes, You Can DO IT”. stuffs hurt June, so you better see to it!)

we’ll definitely cross path with some tough and hard people, we’ll surely fall in to the hands of fake smile & not to forget fake people, but make sure that we identify them, make sure you pull us up when we’re about to fall in to them. we’ll take care of the next.

and most of all,

please don’t screw up!

even if you did,

well, we have no other choice but to move on & mess things up in July :)!

YOU mess up! WE learn!

P.S: we’ll screw anyway 🙂 so cheers, never mind. always a new day, new start!

Featured Image: something i tried with oil pastels. it’s my junk art journal.

life’s too short to not try art!


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