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the dust, the knocking

knocking to dust

the sorrows & pain!

knocking to dust

the deep dark fear inside!

knocking to dust

the ebbing of the past &

the tidal waves of future!

i grew tired! tired of knocking!

by then i saw something , something shiny out of the dust!

but was too tired to look into what it was and pick it.

Yet, the shine kept waiting there unaltered by anything

as if it wants to be noticed,

as if it wants to be picked!

it was there for sometime and for sometime and all the time!

finally, i pushed myself to get up.

i saw what the shine was & picked it up.

It was the shiny specs of ‘Today’ from the dust !

The Shiny Specs of ‘Hope’ & ‘Strength’ from the dust !

Slowly, The Dust Disappeared!

but, the Shiny Specs I Took Still Remains With Me!


pic: From my Home Garden!


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