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Disney’s COCO & 90’s Disney!

Disney’s the best when it comes to movies with musicals. i happened to watch Coco only yesterday and it left my cabeza shaking ( song reference :))!

i’ve been hailing Moana until yesterday, but after seeing Coco i had no second thoughts and i know coco’s gonna stay so close to heart. hector, mama imelda, miguel, coco have become my favourite Disney characters now.

i come from neither a village nor a full fledged town, so its kind of a middle. stationery and book stores here are loaded with tons of frozen, toy story, cars and other Disney movies including pouches, notebooks, fountain pens etc., but none with COCO 😦 it was surprising to me that Disney’s reach is amazing and i can understand the popularity through this stuffs. i genuinely wish COCO could reach more hearts and get more popular like frozen and other Disney movies.

to me personally 90’s Disney is the best of the best. growing up watching Disney’s in the 90’s is one of the wonderful part of my childhood. Mulan, Simba were my heroes. 90’s Disney was a classic and a stunner than today’s picture perfect amazingly detailed movies. today’s Disney’s are great but i prefer those retro drawings and nostalgic feel the 90’s Disney gives. i suppose nostalgia’s become kind of cliche today due to all the fuss around “90’s kids and stuffs” on the internet but truth is that’s a wonderful period.

i wish coco could reach more hearts. we come from a tradition who believes strongly in after life and that’s why once in a year we offer prayers, we serve feast, we do offerings for our ancestors either at our home or near any river banks that are close by to temples. not just this reason, i could relate coco more. i cannot imagine being in places life arendelle or sanfransokyo and saving the world (we all love to save the world when we chance right) . but i can imagine myself being with family, and relate to funny after life stories that our tradition says via stories like in the movie coco.

there’s this one particular place where hector disguises himself as frida kahlo and then when he gets past the security and enters the train, his eyebrow sort of fell off on one side and his reaction was priceless and the way they captured was totally realistic and funny.

coco’s a masterpiece from Disney. so after watching coco, i’ve decided that i’m going to enjoy my after life so much and gonna make sure my offrenda’s are perfect 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

songs that i hum often now: you make me un poco loco!

image: Internet (i couldn’t get proper link to mention here, sorry!!)


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