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my most favorite quotes

i like to share with you all my favorite quotes that i keep re reading and keep bringing up in my mind whenever i’m faced with difficulties. there are more and more wonderful quotes and positive inspiring words out there for you all but still there’ll always be very few quotes/words that’ll stay very close to you which you can relate to you and will stick with your heart forever. these are the quotes which i find very close to my heart and relate it so very well.

forgiving is never an easy part. it’ll never be. but if you want to move forward in life and if you want to keep your mind body and soul stay sane, then forgive! forgive for the sake of you!

there are some quotes that’ll become a way of life for you, a way of coping up instead of just being an inspiration. those words will make you DO. one such quote for me is by Ralph Waldo Emerson, it is that ” what we do speaks so loud that people cant hear what we are trying to say”. it’s a way of life people.

have a nice day everyone!

do share what’s your favorite quote and i’ll be glad to hear from you all !!!


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