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my blog’s 1st anniversary!

it wasn’t the best of times when i started this blog. it was a rough tough draining time of my life is when i started this blog, i thought the words could help me heal and that whatever i feel and felt and learnt on the go during my tough times would help not just me but whoever’s out there facing hard times.

my main aim when i started this blog is that to make sure that to whoever facing problems they are not the only ones around. when we’re facing difficult and harsh roads all we need is an assurance that “okay i’m behind you on this rough road” or “i’ll walk with you” or ” it’s not just you, i’m travelling in this road too, don’t worry, you’ve got company” so that it would make our mind to move forward with confidence and find solace that there are people around who survive each day with hope and positivity amidst all life’s difficulties. i started blogging with this idea and i’m sure to keep moving forward with much sunshine to share ! so, let’s just keep moving forward with 🙂

as times went, i got to “virtually” meet some wonderful people on the blogging platform who love what they do and bring confidence, ideas and inspiration to people like me. a big thanks to all people out there blogging.

a big THANKS, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for all my followers who found something worthwhile in ideas, ramblings and thoughts i shared and started following my blog and supporting it.

humble thanks for my readers, visitors and followers who make my blog sustain and inspire me to put in more ideas.. thanks a lot guys !

THANK YOU GUYS ! & happy blog anniversary to me :):) cheers 🙂

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