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starry night – an amateur art !

its been a long time wish for me to try Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night 1889. i am not an artsy type and nor do i know any nuances of art. but this, starry night is one piece of art that is very close to me . every time i look i get this feeling of something that runs soul deep.

i don’t know , it’s some sort of deep nostalgia, melancholy, happiness all mixed together. i wish i could live in such a place exactly as it is in the art. this sky in his painting is like filled with an eternal night with stars to me. something that touches very deep of my heart in a way i cant express in words.

it’s one piece of art that gives a me feeling that of an eternal night and the stars are watching over it to make them remain that way. greatest artist ever according to me as he is the only one i first knew, just fell down for starry night and could not get up, and don’t want to move further for any art works.

starry night is a masterpiece, a painting of unspoken words from heart that wants to remain unspoken. the endless nights, star sparkles, the tree that connects earth to the endless night – true wonder for me. something that’s etched forever in my heart.

VINCENT VAN GOGH STARRY NIGHT – an amateur art by me.

thought i would share with you all.. its my favourite piece of art and close to my heart as you can see that my profile pic is this art 🙂

to Vincent Van Gogh – you live as long as there’s night, stars and sky.

pic of featured image editing: CANVA


2 thoughts on “starry night – an amateur art !

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  1. So amazing bright colors blending in together.
    I quiet liked your art, may be you should try some more and look further into the starry night that turns into day 🙂
    looking forward for more.

    Liked by 1 person

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