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World Book Day ! it’s today :)

it’s world book day !

wishing all book lovers a very happy book day 🙂

there are these libraries, book stores, old book stores ! may your day take you to any one of the above places!

i feel books have soul & and the soul ‘feels’ the happiness with every reader holding it, reading it and preserving it on their shelves.

i knew the books are wonderful gifts that mankind gave to each other. let’s cherish them. let’s bring in the habit of reading. my love for books started from my father who is an ardent reader but then he sold all his trunks and trunks full of books during his college times & while looking for job to take care of his needs. he only kept very few books which he still preserves like medal.

for me i had the luxury of reading books, looking at libraries when i was in college. from then on the journey still continues. to keep exploring books is something that gives enthusiasm like a child getting a new toy 🙂 books are special.

i believe that the magic the book has will never be the same when it comes in the form of a kindle or audio book or any e-sorts. books are books and others are just mediums. so get yourselfs nice books, bring in the habit of reading !

do share with me your favourite author, most favourite book of all time , the book which you want to get!

have a good day! may the books be with you ! 🙂

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