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Marvel / DC

we friends went out for lunch and our friend brought her work friend along. as the avengers endgame is approaching we friends planned to watch and book tickets as we have to go to city to watch it in big theatres. it all started as soon as the plan was finished.

the new friend whom my friend brought for lunch started to praise marvel and began verbally thrashing how poor the DC universe was to an extent that he believes DC is a waste of time and wants them to pack their bags.

i myself am a hardcore #tonystark #captainrogers #WakandaForever 🙂 girl but hey that doesn’t mean i hate DC. i am a marvel fan since i was a kid and i enjoyed DC comics too but i can’t just go ahead and tear down DC just because i feel marvel is cool and DC is not.

no offence pal, this post if for you. i am not writing this to debate or find out which is superior. it’s just a simple talk. hope it reaches you through my friend !

what makes you think that DC is totally wrong. how do you want DC’s movies to be ? DC is what it is and Marvel is what it is. you cannot make or bring batman in the same way of iron man or you cant make Bruce Wayne to be all like tony stark or vice versa. the personalities of each and every marvel character is entirely different from the DC one’s and so how can you say that the DC characters are worst and marvel’s the best. they both have very good guys, hardcore villains and bad guys too.

marvel’s got some cool characters who are unique and so do DC. avengers came out to be humongous package into marvels’ basket, that’s true but why do you have the need to compare everything to DC.

you said DC lacks the spark that Marvel has. in what way? maybe you feel that because of more fun and humour in marvel than in DC? if so, come on man, it wont do justice to the nature & life of DC characters. you can’t push it. you can’t compare every time a movie comes out from both.

if fun is to marvel let the seriousness be to DC what’s wrong?

stop saying DC is Dark stereotype man. i don’t get it. i really didn’t like the line regarding “DC & Dark” stereotype from dead pool movie though. character wise, the film tone wise, story wise or in what way you think they are dark ? the true nature of the characters, how they speak, where they live, what they do all sets the tone of the film so if it’s dark, let it be.
wakanda, terran, kamartaj is unique and so does
Gotham city.

thanos is a mighty villain no doubt but Joker, he gives you spine chills and brings the true fear. he is an enigma. the very best of DC. the very best of all villains. every characters and their nature is different and unique in both DC and Marvel. you get to enjoy both worlds of cinemas and you can choose your side but please stop loathing DC and hey pal, no turf war over the internet please. i don’t find any point in it. Marvel is what it is and DC is what it is.

guys, it’s just my opinion. i couldn’t bear with the person showing so much hate towards DC and so i wrote it. please i dint mean to hurt anyone here or anyone’s choice. it’s just my point of view. we go to movies to enjoy, watch our favourite characters and have good time. Marvel & DC both have been part of all our life since childhood through the comics.

have a good day pal

have a good day everyone!

pic & editing: CANVA


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