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Shades of my Village #1 – THE BIG GUY !

hey all,

as you all can see him right? he is someone special. he belongs to the demigod who keeps watch over our village and guards everyone. it’s been a belief in our village that the demigod watches over our village by riding his horse at night 🙂

when the day ends and everyone complete their work and come home, when the night falls, our demigod rides his best pal and both goes to every parts of our village and takes care of it and watches over them. they both are believed to guard us, our food, trees, farms till everyone wakes up the next morning and begin their day. when the day breaks they turn back to a stone and when the night falls, our demigod and his best pal turn their duty back on! people in our village will offer fruits, sweets, farm grows, flowers at the temple in the day where they rest.

don’t be scared, he is a good one 🙂 !

i use to go sit beneath this horse. my grandma use to say that you can talk to him as he keeps listening even though he is stone. i still do. i still go sit near him, spend some time and return home. i always offer him flowers and leaves which i like to think that he’ll like 🙂

once every year people gather from our village and remunerate him, paint him all new. we are not supposed to take any pics of his rider, our guardian demigod so sorry guys i cant show him.

hope you like him 🙂


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